Career And College Prep

Middle School Explorations

Which courses are offered?

As part of our career and college prep program, middle school students complete a two-course career exploration series to get a broad overview of possible careers. These courses are designed to help students explore their interests and match their strengths to jobs in high-demand fields. Students are then able to choose a career pathway for further study in high school.

Middle school students doing homework together with a laptop

Middle School Explorations I

7th Grade

Students explore careers in over 15 different fields—from energy to human resources and law to transportation—and begin practicing their leadership skills. They discover what careers are available and what they need to do to prepare for them. In addition, they examine how to choose the career that’s best for them based on their personality and interests.

Middle School Explorations II

8th Grade

With all the careers available, it can be difficult to narrow them down. In this course, students explore even more career options, what it takes to prepare for them, and the pros and cons of different career choices. They’ll also try out parts of different careers to see if they’re a good fit.