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What is the Student Advisory Council?

The Student Advisory Council is a select group of K12-powered students from around the country who serve as advisors for their peers as well as brand ambassadors for our career and college prep program and their schools. Through this paid internship opportunity, they provide valuable feedback and insight about their experiences with career readiness education.

Meet Our Student Advisors

Fall 2023 Cohort

Josie Sonderegger photo

Josie Sonderegger

Insight Academy of Arizona

Career Field: Health & Human Services: Veterinary Assistant

Grade: 10

Hobbies: Crocheting, knitting, baking/cooking, scrapbooking, reading, and yoga 

I chose the veterinary assistant pathway because I love animals. I had the experience of volunteering with large animals over the last year, and I loved it! I love learning about health and science-related topics, so I knew this pathway was perfect for me.

Fall 2022 Cohort

Sarah Israel

Sarah Israel

Insight Academy of Arizona

Career Field: Health & Human Services: Medical Assisting

Grade: 10

Hobbies: Reading, journaling, and yoga

After high school, I plan to complete a Bachelor of Science degree and complete the medical school prerequisites to attend Creighton medical school. Following this, I will complete residency to become a pediatric neurologist.

Fall 2021 Cohort

Kate Encinas photo

Kate Encinas

Insight Academy of Arizona

Career Field: Business

Grade: 11

Hobbies: I love to play volleyball and stay home to play some video games! Sometimes I like to work with my friend on creating a short film.

My plan after high school is that I hopefully can go to a four-year college, earn a degree, and become an interior designer. Hopefully I can create my own business and meet new people that are well-known, or maybe something else that isn’t planned!

Spring 2021 Cohort

Moon Wagoner photo

Moon Wagoner

Insight Academy of Arizona

Career Field: Information Technology

My name is Britany, but I prefer Moon. I’m in 11th grade at Insight Academy of Arizona. I have been in virtual education for the past three years and love the freedom and comfort it provides. Presently I’m in the digital and web communication career pathway. This path includes my favorite programs Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. It also has helped me decide to pursue graphic design as a career. I decided to become a student advisor to be a helpful resource for K12. One of my dreams is to work for Sumerian Record Company designing cover art and merchandise. Working with musicians such as my favorite bands Kizu and Bad Omens would fulfill my goal of giving thanks to deserving musicians.

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